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Moshav Security Consultants provides its customers with a comprehensive service which comprises detection and monitoring by experienced professionals, combined with advanced technology.

 In addition, the company provides consulting, advisory and training services in the various security related field.


The Vision

 “Providing professional, trustworthy and fast responses to customers, customized to each location”.


This vision is the outcome of security and criminal incidents in Israel and worldwide.


Every person has a place that it close to his/her heart.

A home, place of business, kindergarten, school, corner shop, community center or synagogue.

This place must be the most protected, guarded place, a sanctuary providing a feeling of safety and warmth.

Unfortunately, we live in a complicated world, with many dangers – theft, vandalism, natural disasters, terror, and numerous other challenges.


From today, your concern for the protection of your special place, is in our trustworthy hands.


“Moshav Control and Monitoring” will provide you with an assortment of security solutions in the fields of detection and monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Over 20 Years Experience


Moshav Security Consultants was founded by two partners:


Matan Moyal – has served as an operator and commander in various governmental security units. In addition, he commanded the infantry training of the Israel Airforce Academy. In his last command, Matan was commander of Unit 901 – The Israel Airforce unit responsible for protective details outside of Israel.


Gidi Shon - An entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing and managing projects in the private and public sectors. Gidi most recently led business development projects for the Municipality of Jerusalem.


The Control Center is managed by a Major in the Israeli Military Reserves, who served as a company commander in the Engineering Corp. and as a commander of an Op-Center. He also served as a special advisor to the Israel Ministry of Defense.



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