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The “heart” of the company provides continuous, human oversight and monitoring, combined with advanced technologies. In the event of a “unusual” event or emergency, the team in the Control Center will take control of the event while contracting the relevant entities in order to provide immediate assistance and real-time updates to the customer.


The combination of a human control and monitoring together with the analytical abilities, lets to next generation monitoring abilities. Based on our past security experience and analysis of past events, we reached the conclusion that a combination of analytics with the human factor is what enables optimal security.


The Control Center team comprises highly experienced directors, observers and operators.


In the event of an actual event – the ability to manage and monitor the event and to report in real time is only possible using high-quality, human services.


The Control Center is divided into departments such as Community Centers, Homes and Farms, thereby enabling the various observers to become highly proficient in their specific fields.


At the first stage, our representative will analyze the field and prepare a security plan. If the need arises, this plan will include deployment of cameras and advanced technological systems.


At the second stage, the professional observers as the Control Center will carry out monitoring and control activities, using smart image analysis technology based on a proprietary algorithm will enables receipt of early indications and warnings.


In the case of an “unusual” event or emergency – one of our experts will take control and will manage the event vis-à-vis the relevant security and enforcement agencies and will provide real-time updates to the customer.

Moshav Security Camera
Moshav Security Control Center


In view of our success in the security field, we have developed a novel service for businesses which comprises camera monitoring of a business in order to products worker activity reports.


Benefits of the service:

 Enables monitoring service quality.

  • Receipt of data which leads to professionalism of the workforce and increase in sales as a result of the improvement in the quality of service.

  • Receipt of up-to-date reports on irregular activities during and outside of the workhours.


Implementation of surveys for assorted entities and locations.


The surveys comprise:

 Visits to the location by company experts.

  • Analysis of the deployment of existing technologies.

  • Analysis of existing physical security.

  • Implementation of inspections and assessment of the technologies.

  • Proposal for optimal deployment of technological means.

  • Preparation of recommended operational procedure.

Moshav Security Alert
Two men shaking hands after making a deal


Provision of tutorials, workshops, and seminars in Israel and worldwide, covering the various security fields (facilities, community buildings, close protection, groups and aviation).

The material is customized to the customers needs.

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