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The Moshav Security Control Center provides a human response by continuous observation and control online which in case of an exceptional event will control the event while giving notice to the relevant parties for immediate assistance, and of course an alert notice to the customer.

The combination of human command and control along with the analytical capabilities we implant in customer cameras, brings the monitoring capability to the next generation. From our security experience and understanding we have identified that the optimal security in remote control is the ability to combine analytics with the human factor.

A complex cannot function without analytics but analytics alone is not enough, there is not and will not be a substitute for analyzing the situation and making decisions in real time but by the human factor. Our control rooms are built so that each area gets a separate area and separate and dedicated observers for that area.

The observers in our control rooms undergo training and professional focus according to areas (community buildings, synagogues, solar farms, residential buildings, etc.) so that their understanding of the site they are watching is complete and clear. The ability to filter between false events and true events is performed only by direct observation of what is happening, data processing and human judgment. Moreover, during a real event the ability to manage the event, tracking what is happening and the ability to report in real time is possible only with the help of a quality human factor.

Therefore we carry out a strict screening of the observers, managers and staff in the control rooms and receive only the best and sharpest.


In the first stage, an expert on our behalf will arrive to you, analyze the area and will create a plan that includes deployment of cameras and advanced technological systems.

In the second stage, Moshav's Security Control Center will perform continuous control and monitoring by task-oriented observers, using advanced technologies that include cameras that allows smart image analysis by dedicated algorithms that provides early indication and identification of any possible scenario.

In case of emergency or threat one of our experts will control the event and manage it with the relevant security and enforcement agencies while alerting the landlord.

Moshav Security Camera
Moshav Security Control Center


The center is located in a destination that allows for the employment of high quality and professional manpower with a high level of discipline. 

The center is equipped with advanced technological means that allows high-quality controlling and monitoring.

The center is run by a professional with years of experience in the security system of the State of Israel.


The center's observers undergo a rigorous screening that allows to find the most suitable for the tasks.

Every observer who is found suitable is required to present a certificate of good conduct from the state authorities. 

The observers undergo training that includes:

  • Use and operation of existing technologies.

  • Routine management.

  • Emergency management and "transfer of control" to an on-call that will control the event.

Moshav Security Alert
Two men shaking hands after making a deal


The location where the command and control center was established makes it possible on the one hand to employ professional, quality and disciplined personnel, and on the other hand to receive the service at costs that suit every pocket.

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